I had a thought for the day, Oh at the time I believed it to be a wonderful thought. But somewhere in the awkwardness of a haphazard day, that wonderful thought began to lose a bit of its luster. You see, I began this morning as any other morning. A hot cup of coffee on... Continue Reading →


Excerpt from; "Mystery of The Leech Cemetery Witch." Mikey's thoughts about Big David's morning prayers; It’s my opinion, the humble act of asking for God’s Grace is possibly the most important of life’s necessities. I believe this simple act of humility should be practiced by believers and non-believers alike. At the very least, this simple... Continue Reading →

Always Choose The Wing (a revisit)

  (A reflection of Character) ALWAYS CHOOSE THE WING. Southern folk are a peculiar folk, raised a bit different we were, but southern "mountain" folk…well, that’s another subject entirely. I’m afraid I cain’t speak for everyone else, all I can do is relate insight into how I was taught, unfortunately, that's a time long gone.... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Pink Socks

Once again I find myself apologizing; I've really let you folks down with the posts (or lack of) lately. Things have been a little hectic around the Tin Cup Clan's new domicile. So busy in fact, I've found myself thinking of little else. That was until today...when for some unbeknownst to me reason, I found... Continue Reading →

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