Folks...I am a blessed man. In my years I have had many travels and accumulated many stories. I have lived in the mountains and spent many years along our great coastlines. The LORD has allowed me to witness sunrise over the seas and sunsets beneath blue forests. I've soaked in tall tales from weathered old... Continue Reading →


The TIN CUP CLAN (Mystery of the Leech Cemetery Witch) has gone through countless edits, revisions, and rewrites, and is now in the Query-verse. Hopefully, an agent will see it for the wonderful and world-changing piece of timeless literature it is. ( I laughed while I wrote that). The second in the series: (The Search... Continue Reading →


A young fella came to visit the other night, odd and outspoken by any definition. He was rather insistent that I should allow him membership into The Tin Cup Clan. After careful consideration and more than a bit of pondering, I believe we have found the perfect spot for him. The person of Moby: he... Continue Reading →

Just a thought

"I don't build my characters, my characters introduce themselves to me at night. Some are my friends, others, not so much. But it is always on their terms, not mine." THE TIN CUP CLAN

Who is this Witch that you speak of?

This week's post is Chapter three as we go through our book. We begin to notice each boy's personality and watch as their relationship develops. Mark, the class bully, also begins to take his place in our tale. You may also notice a subtle Christian overtone has begun to develop; as a former pastor, I... Continue Reading →

Riding the Ribbon

Riding the Ribbon  Have you ever sat in your car watching as the train rolled by, wondering what it must be like to run alongside, grabbing a hold of the iron and stealing a free ride to God knows where? To simply sit on your perch and feel the rhythm of the rails in your bones and listen... Continue Reading →

Be “Still” my beating heart

Just finished another edit on Chapter eleven. So I thought I would share another excerpt. Here we find our character as he first enters the shed. He knows what will happen to him if he gets caught. But he has no other choice. As you read remember, he's only eleven, put yourself in his place.... Continue Reading →

Where does the T.C.C. call home?

Where do the boys in The Tin Cup Clan live? I get asked that a lot. I reckon the answer's not what you may think. The town is actually an aggregate of all the places I've been fortunate enough to call home, (and there's been a few). I felt it was very important that everyone... Continue Reading →

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